KAE The Origin Of Legend

The UK has always been regarded as the hometown of music, and it has been determined by international audiophile critics and senior audio users as a place to design and produce high-quality speakers. Both the technical research and development and the quality control level have led the trend of the world ’s audio development It is a reputation built by many famous British electro-acoustic engineers and manufacturers, and manufacturers who have built up after historical witness.            
KAEIt is a company that has been focusing on the manufacturing and research and development of speaker technology. The research and development headquarters is located in London, England. It completes all the development from raw material development, speaker unit design and production to speaker design and production. The speakers it produces are used by many well-known brand speakers. In the current high-tech era, there are still many processes for KAE speakers to be completed by hand. All employees have more than 10 years of experience. Many of the mysteries of KAE units are in the formulation of materials, including the special glue used. There are craftsmanship by workers, which is one of the main reasons why many other factories want COPY KAE products but cannot achieve the same quality.            

Total Sound System Solution

The key to KAE's unprecedented success in the Chinese market is that it always leads the industry's overall development capabilities. The factory has international advanced production equipment and technical personnel, covering the design and development of speaker units, cabinet design and production, frequency design and production, to power amplifiers, audio processing equipment, microphones and other equipment R & D and production sections. As one of the few system manufacturers in the audio industry, few companies have such in-depth research on system matching. KAE provides not only a single speaker product, but a solution for the overall sound system. From audio-visual space planning and acoustic environment design, we provide consumers with more systematic and complete integrated services. These services cross the boundaries of industries and regions, so that consumers can easily obtain high-level, synchronized with the global audio-visual consumer trends Audiovisual experience            
In today's highly homogenous technology, product competition has already surpassed the product itself. The core of enterprise competition is the competition of integrated service capabilities. KAE is concerned with the construction of the entire industrial service chain, and more importantly, the professionalism and continuity of service capabilities.            
KAE Authorized stores throughout the country are planned in China. These authorized areas have been operating for more than 5 years. Through these stores, consumers can not only get new KAE products, but also get sustainable and professional pre-sales. With after-sales service. Every year, KAE will carry out technical training for various projects of all store technicians, and only technical staff who have obtained KAE certification will have the possibility of serving customers. This is why you can get more at KAE.